The Concept Of Fear In The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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Everybody has a fear, ranging from the “monster under the bed” all the way to the frightening thoughts about nuclear devastation. Fear is easy to obtain yet hard to control as it can change people entirely without them realizing it. This philosophy of fear has been present since Greek civilization and it has crawled its way into current society. Even in modern times, fear continuously has the ability to persuade the masses, and let them become susceptible to the many dark truths about reality. The concept of fear has even migrated from one form of literature to the next like a virus and within these texts the plot and characters are shaped by these fears. In the novel, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, there is no exception as the characters face their internal fears while struggling with the diseases they carry. Though the motif of fear touches on many themes throughout the literary world, the message that John Green asserts within his novel, The Fault in our Stars is that clinching onto a fear restricts oneself from interacting with others and that it also creates a façade of a false representation of themselves. A way, John Green expresses the philosophy of fear is by demonstrating how it prevents oneself from being with the people around them. In order to this, he implements characters within the novel that have obtained a certain fear and illustrates how these characters are effected by their fears on a daily basis. This is seen when Hazel texts Augustus about

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