The Concept Of Sexism In Esperanza From House On Mango Street

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When I was ten years old the most interesting thing about me was that I could say the alphabet backwards. At ten years old, Esperanza from House on Mango Street tells an inspiring story that gives an understanding of how sexism affects young girls. A story is only truly understood after you stop staring at the words on the page and begin to take a look into what’s underneath it all. In a story told through a perspective of a ten year old girl, Cisneros describes a world where remaining independent and disregarding gender roles is an act of rebellion. Esperanza teaches the concept of sexism and the effects it can have on women, all through a coming of age story about family, culture, and society as a whole. Through changes in tone and subliminal messaging, Cisneros describes how women are the victims and minorities in society, as well as expresses her feelings towards the expectations placed on her gender. Exploring a concept so huge through the perspective of a little girl gives a powerful message to the readers about what girls have to go through. Each vignette tells a story the concept of sexism develops throughout. In the vignette “Boys and Girls” Cisneros begins to develop the idea of sexism by explaining that boys and girls are different and live in separate worlds. On the surface this story seems like Esperanza simply expressing her opinions on her siblings and how they're different from one another, however taking a closer look, Esperanza uses a powerful metaphor

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