The Concept Of Termination : A Phase Of The Intervention Process

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The concept of termination is a term that is used as a phase of the intervention process. In human behavior termination relates to the combination of everything done to this point leading to attachment and separation. Termination is the last step between the client and worker. There are many different reasons for termination. Before termination evaluation information is gathered. Formative evaluation is done to gather ongoing feedback as the group evolves for improving and refining the group to improve outcomes. Summative evaluation’s purpose is to determine whether a group has met its goals and should be continued. Group leaders should also consider methods of evaluating whether the group was implemented and conducted as planned. The …show more content…

The theory provides a comprehensive conceptual framework for understanding how emotional ties within families of origin (including extended family members) influence the lives of individuals in ways they often fail to appreciate and may tend to minimize (Bowen, 1978; Kerr & Bowen, 1988). family systems theory do not clearly address issues related to ending intervention. There may be two reasons for this lack of attention. Family systems theory emerged during a time when family therapy was conducted primarily by private practitioners not typically faced with time limits. Further, the theory is influenced by psychodynamic thought, which is largely focused on insight development rather than problem solving with a distinct ending point. The absence of guidelines for ending family systems interventions is problematic because the theory 's concepts are abstract and provide practitioners with little direction for determining when a family has achieved its goals. The purpose of this article is to help amend this oversight and provide a set of ending strategies that are consistent with the theory 's concepts. We begin with a brief overview of the theory and its intervention strategies and then provide a set of termination strategies. Family systems theory, sometimes called family emotional systems theory, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding how the emotional ties within families of origin influence people throughout their lives

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