The Concept of Protesting with Non-Violence

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The concept of Protesting with Non-Violence is to bring some shame to your oppressor so they can realize the wrong they are doing without violence. Without violence there is no urge for retaliation only acceptance of friendship. Some felt that this was a cowardice way to protest, and had to be taught those who resisted it without fully understanding it. They taught that this method is nonaggressive physically but strongly aggressive spiritually. It is not meant to humiliate or challenge the whites, but to win over their friendship, and respect as human beings. This was a movement awaken the philosophy of love. With this method of boycotting it involves not only avoiding external aggression, but also internal aggression on the spirit. To love and accept others who have wronged you, you must first love yourself. Martian Luther believed that believing in nonviolence means you believe the universe recognizes injustices and through freewill comically fixes them. The sit-ins were another important part of the movement. The one that started it all was in North Carolina in Greensboro. These sit-ins were very successful they were the spark that started desegregation. Four college student went into Woolworth for lunch, and were refused service. So they refused to leave. This act got African American talking why didn’t they stand up and say enough is enough? It was then they realized segregation only exists because they allowed it to. They had verbally opposed it, but hadn’t

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