The Conflict Of Inequality In Judy Brady's I Want A Wife

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In Judy Brady’s essay “I Want a Wife”, Brady portrays women’s roles as they stood in the 1970’s by going through the many duties and functions that a woman had as a wife. She displays her hatred for the overdependence that men have on women in a marriage by listing how much a woman is expected to do, the standards a man has for his wife, and the several roles she must take on. Brady believes that too much is expected from women and too little from men. Her essay was written to shine a light on the mentioned conflicts of inequality and to serve as part of the modern feminist movement. Brady would be pleased and displeased with married women’s roles as they stand today because although women have more freedom and flexibility in a marriage now, she wouldn’t be too happy with the fact there are still several women who take on the many roles she described and plenty of men who treat their women just the same as before. Her own bias failed to give a realistic insight to the inequality women faced because she wasn’t fair when presenting her argument.
There are women who are culturally and traditionally entitled to the role of the housewife, and many actually enjoy it. She made it seem as though a wife is a slave in a marriage, and that all women are forced into getting married. Her exaggeration seems to be a plea for help and hints towards the underlying unhappiness in her own marriage, which explains the passive-aggressive tone of her essay. She should have at least given some

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