The Conscious And Subconscious Facets of a Phobia

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Fear is an inevitable bodily defence mechanism that has been around since the beginning of human evolution. Every human being experiences fear intermittently throughout their lifetime, in some, their fear(s) are so severe that they interfere with daily activities. An irrational fear of an object, situation, or activity that a person feels obligated to avoid is considered a phobia 1. The word “phobia” originates from the Greek word "Phóbos" that translates as morbid fear 5. Phobias present themselves in different intensities. For example, one person may show negligible symptoms of claustrophobia while another could be completely conspicuous and avoid enclosed spaces altogether. Studies show that the reason for phobias to arise comes from…show more content…
A person with a specific phobia frequently experiences immediate anxiety and panic outbreaks when faced with the fear, mention of their fear in extreme cases may also trigger these outbursts 4. Although both types of phobias involve diverse components, the process of diagnoses for each is quite comparable. Phobias describe certain fears that we as humans encounter. Some of which are very interesting while others are downright outrageous. People subsisting with indirect phobias either endure their fear with a lot of stress and anxiety, avoid the feared situation/object all together or take many irrational precautions when coming into contact with their fear 7. For example, Howie Mandel copes with his germaphobia by shaving his head entirely and instead of shaking hands with people he touches fists. This is a much more reposed way of subsisting with germaphobia for Howie Mandel. In the past Howie scrubbed his hands vigorously with soap which eliminated the antibodies in his hands 9. People subsisting with direct phobias other than social phobias have the opportunity to simply avoid their cause of fear, while those with indirect phobias do not. A person who has Arachnophobia can easily avoid places and situations where they assume arachnid insects will be present 3. Those with social phobias have a disadvantage when it comes to coping with their fear. It is nearly impossible to avoid uncomfortable social interaction

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