The Consequences Of A Concussion

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Professor Angela Weaver
English 1120
11 October 2015
Audience: Ohio Department of Education
The Consequences of a Concussion in High School
Almost everyone who has played on a sports team at some point in their life can say they sustained an injury at one point or another. Sometimes these injuries are completely unpreventable and the only thing that can be done is being more aware of that certain injury. Concussions in high school sports is a prime example. This because the potential negative effects of a concussion can be life altering. The effects of sustaining a concussion during high school can be worse than sustaining one in college or in professional sport because that is most crucial time in the brains growth.
The problem is how concussions are being treated. There are things being done to treat them, but I do not believe there is enough being done. “Most such laws specify that athletes suspected of having sustained a sport-related concussion be removed from play” (Hanson, Stracciolini, Mannix, and Meehan 1225). A majority of the time the student/athlete will continue to attend school during their recovery, which, is usually a short period of 7 days. That is where the problem rises. During those 7 crucial days of recovery the student is usually still symptomatic and the conditions have the possibility of worsening since they are still using their brain. They may also fall behind in school due to their symptoms limiting their ability to function in class

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