The Consequences Of Globalization

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Globalization Rough Draft Industries reach all around the world for their business, going by the name of globalization. Not only does it affect their companies, but outside there are communities that are deeply affected by globalization. Globalization has made a big impact around the world that most countries depend success on business around the world. Although there are the benefits from globalization communities in third world countries are still trying to catch up on development. Globalization is furthering the gap between a growing community by pushing the loose pay rates, the safety of workers, the child labor laws, and the environment. With these consequences as a developed community should help third world countries struggling to incorporate globalization in their community. To understand globalization, it starts with its meaning and history. Globalization is based on businesses branching out to an international spectrum; many corporates take advantage of the larger scale using bigger countries like China or India. Although globalization seems like a modern idea it has been a practice all around the world. Findings found that Globalization played a substantial part during the Industrial Revolution, introducing technology and outside resources to different cultures (Ferreira, Para. 17). Globalization continues to be used and will continue to have both positive and negative effects to the world. It’s a common practice and it is a difficult task to stop a common
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