Causes And Consequences Of Globalization

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Globalization has become one of the most significant phenomena in current society. Globalization was defined by different sentences and theories in books, magazines and journals. However, it is difficult to define its intrinsic meaning in the real world. Different countries were affected dramatically by the process of globalization in diverse aspects such as economic aspect and cultural aspect. In addition, developed countries and developing countries may have diverse attitudes towards globalization based on their profits and costs. This essay will point out main reasons and consequences of globalization, and will state different opinions about globalization. At the end, statements and personal views of the sustainability of globalization will be demonstrated as well. Dicken (2015) clarified that connectivity was the core characteristic of globalization and information and goods interconnection between countries also induced the process of globalization. It was confirmed that technology development was one of the primary foundations of globalization. As Langhorne (2001) considered, the development of technology had three stages since the world’s Industrial Revolution. The first stage started after the invention of steam engine, and then steam machines were widely used in transportation industries, which made the communication between nations become quicker and safer. In the second stage, the development of military force including rocket and satellite equipment played an

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