The Consequences Of Morality In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby and Chicago, lies run rampant; however, few characters suffer any consequences for their dishonesty. These works seem to suggest that morality in the 1920s entered a gray area, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason for who gets away with lying.

Relationships: People normally believe that in relationships, people are supposed to be loyal to one single partner, but both Chicago and The Great Gatsby demonstrate that loyalty does not seem to matter in the 1920s. Roxie had an affair with fred because friend said he had connections to the club where roxie wanted to become a star.Fred lied, but he didn’t get away because he end it up dead.Roxie was willing to have sex with Fred just because he told her he could make her a star because he had connections in the club, which is… not the right thing to do, most people would agree that sleeping with someone for their connections is wrong, but in Chicago, it is presented as normal. Fred asked Roxie for an exchange which was he talked to his connections and they would have sex after even though Roxie had his husband Amos which was at work. Fred is married. With kids didn’t tell Roxie. Roxie told Amos to say a completely different story to the cops as in why he shot Fred, but the lie din’t up good because Roxie end it up going to jail. Even though Fred had kids he didn’t care if he had sex with other women, and it seem the same way towards Roxie, she had a husband and she didn’t care if she was laying

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