The Consequences Of The British Rule In India

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Between 1858 to 1947, British Crown rule had been widely spread throughout the nation affecting different aspects of Indian society which resulted in millions of death. Before the British has landed on the soil of India, India itself had a very rich history and especially, their entire population had the resources to feed their family and to also generate income. As an Indian Nationalist, I would like to condemn British rule which has caused such a massive destruction in India . The lead negative consequences that lead to on the economic breakdown, undermined Indian culture and vandalizing their political system. The British Raj had a huge significant impact from 1857-1947 which resulted in zero growth and created no opportunities for employment. India's share of the world income went from 27% in 1700 AD to 3% in 1950 (History of Indian Economy, Online; 12/8/17). Agriculture were produced for cash crop as suppose to food crops, causing more than 30 million lives due to starvation. In 1793, the British Governor-General Lord Cornwallis announced that India will undertake a land system called Zamindari, which peasants lost the rights of ownerships of their land (Sharma, Online; 20/8/17). Furthermore, the British East India Company introduced another land system called Ryotwari that was evolve within North-Eastern and North-Western that peasants weren’t and had to be responsible for paying up to 50% of land revenues (Encyclopaedia, Online; 13/8/17). This caused a significant

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