The Constant Struggle Between Science And Religion

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The constant struggle between science and religion is immense, the constant debated question being whether the two can coexist. To this, I agree, the two can coexist if both respect each other’s opinions and do not impose their own beliefs on the others. However, questions that require answering either through science or religion are how we determine reality, how should we live in this world, and what is our ultimate purpose. Either a mixture of the two or one can be chosen, this is determined by the individual and are personal to that individual alone.
To first answer any other questions, one must first answer “what is reality?” Personally, I believe reality to be a combination of what our senses can detect checked by science and common sense. We can prove something real through our sense and science because these are our best calculations to finding reality. The question begs another in itself, one asking what is reality and the other questions how can one truly know what reality really is. The answer to the question simply is we cannot ever truly know and one must accept this. Truth and reality are synonymous, truth is reality and reality is the ultimate truth. One who lies is not stating the truth, or what is based on reality of the physical world. The differences are exposed when one questions the difference between religious truth and scientific truth. In my opinion, scientific truth stumps religious truth every time. Everyone is free to have their own personal

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