The Constitution Of A Great Impact On Bangladeshi Politics And Economic Scenario

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There have been 16 amendments to the constitution of Bangladesh.Every amendment has a great impact on Bangladeshi politics and economic scenario. But there have been some major amendments which tremendously changed political and economic situation of Bangladesh such as4th, 8th,10th, 11th, 12th,13th,15th,16th. In my assignment I will show the amendments and behind political economy behind the amendments. Political Economy: According to the Adam Smith, Political economy is a branch of science of astateman and a legislature,concerned with providing a plentiful revenue and subsistances for people,supplying the state or commonwealth with arevenue sufficient for the public service. Constitution of Bangladesh was first implemented on 16th december in 1972, sience then there have been 16 amendments in the constitution. There are some major amendments which changed the political and economic senario.  Political Economy behind the mentioned amendments:  4th amendment: This amendment was passsed on 25 january, 1975. the summary of the amend, one party dictatorial system was substituted for a responsible parliamentary system. Political economy behind 4th amendment– Firstly,In support of the change Mujib said, the system we find today is british colonial system, this is the system of colonialist to exploit, to exploit the country I want to smash the old moth eaten administrative system and create a new one,. This new system of mine is the revolution. he reffrred to the british
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