The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution is a document that was created by the American people as a basic guide line for the country to follow. The Constitution is made up of twenty-seven amendments. These amendments are laws that everyone in the United States of America must follow. The Constitution is often viewed as a “living document”. The Constitution is thought of it in such a way because of its ability to be amended whenever it is needed to be amended. When the Constitution is amended, it will sometimes have documents that repeal each other. When an amendment is repealed, it basically means that if any previous amendment that was created contradicts the new amendment, the old amendment is not followed anymore. The amendment that this paper will cover is the twenty-sixth amendment. The twenty-sixth amendment gives any United States citizen that is eighteen years or older the right to vote, and shall not be denied the right to vote on federal, state, or local level (“Harrison” et al.). This paper will cover various information on the twenty-sixth amendment such as its background, reasons for it being added to the Constitution, and how it was controversial. The twenty-sixth amendment was first introduced during the World War II. The amendment started coming up around this time because people were complaining that if they were going to fight for their country, they should have a say in who they can vote for. A slogan that was going around at this time was, “Old enough to fight, old enough to
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