The Context Of The American Dream

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Event- American Dream
The social and historical context influences Lennie and George's hope of the American Dream. This is shown in the beginning of the novel “Guys like us...They got no family. They don't belong no place. They come to a ranch...They ain't got nothing to look ahead to”. The repetition depicts the listing of steinbeck saying that you can't build a nation on these men which represents the social and historical issues affecting individuals lives. For instance, the continuation of repetition in the dream shows they look after each other. Additionally, the use of italics “us” depicts lennie is excited to hear the American dream apart of the land be told by George again because they are depicted as different. Also, the italics reflects their excitement. Moreover, the social and historical context expresses the American Dream During The Great Depression.

Event- Candy’s dog shooting
The social context reflects the weak, strong and helplessness through candy’s dog shooting. This is seen in the following lines “Got no teeth...all stiff with rheumatism...he ain't no good...he ain't no good…”. The descriptive language creates repetition which is used to depict the difference between social value of the weak and the strong. For instance, the contrast between candy’s dog and overall the “non survivors” is a representation that depicts old, uselessness, helplessness individuals during The Great Depression. Additionally, the effect of the listing further degrades why

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