The Contributions Of British Imperialism In Africa

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Imperialism was largely practiced by Europe in the nineteenth century, and was widely accepted all around the world. Britain, France and Germany were the main imperialist powers in Africa; as all of these countries were in a constant struggle to become the most powerful, to have the most riches, and control over high abundances of the natural resources of Africa. Most Europeans felt that Imperialism was necessary for successful improvements in the economy, and all classes supported it and were benefitted by it. During the nineteenth century, most countries in Europe wanted to expand their power and trading outlets. The colonization of Africa was a huge milestone for Europe because they could have more shipping ports, more land, and more power.
With the wealth of the Industrial Revolution in effect, the powerful nations of Europe were ready to expand their empires into Asia and Africa. New Imperialism, was motivated by things such as economic growth and national rivalries.[1] The colonization Africa, while beneficial to European powers, was horrible for African people because each country in Europe wanted to be part of the imperialistic race, and this led to the destruction of many cultures. Although Europeans brought new innovations to Africa, they ultimately destroyed many African cultures.
The British economy was the main reason for its participation in the Scramble for Africa, and it was greatly helped by the supply of natural resources in Africa.[2] British imperialism

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