The Contributions of Religion to Human Knowledge

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When faced with the question what is religion different things comes to everyone’s head. Some people think of things such as Christianity and Islam or even Buddhism, and some even think that it’s just a belief of some fictitious being well for the most part those are somewhat correct. There really is not a clear definition of religion people and scholars throughout the ages all agree that a definition that constitutes a definition of religion has still not been reached. However, one can define religion is the belief in and warship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods I believe the world has religion because people need an excuse to justify injustice and death which was a way that molded the world how it is today. Some of these religions that aren’t as popular or the ones that many may think are incorrect or disagree with created things in life that the everyday person benefits from today. Religion is a system of beliefs that over the years has been created into culture and worldwide views. There are millions of religions all over the world today and some believers have found much success in their lives by following their religions. Muslims as a whole had many contributions to the world today such as technology, medicine, and astronomy. Other religions also had contributions such as Catholics with philosophy. Muslims were great contributions to study of Geography because their religion encourages its people to go and travel the world so that

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