The Controversy Of The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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There is much one can learn about this tragic smear in our history as the United States of America. The Salem Witch Trials have been sensationalized as of late, becoming a popular show, and an event that many movies have been made of. Without doing the proper research, one would think that the trials were more violent than it became. There were no witches burning at the stake, or daily hangings, or drownings, but people of the time were frightened nonetheless. The acts of just a few key people drove a whole town to hysteria, and fear. Throughout the trials over a hundred people were accused of witchcraft, and nineteen people were executed solely based on the claims of others that they were using the Devil’s Magic, many without any evidence The fingers of two little girls, driven by the urging of one powerful man created a butterfly effect that caused a wake of destruction within the walls of Salem. It can be shown through research that the Reverend Samuel Parris was the driving force behind the hysteria that the townspeople of Salem were subjected to. The Salem Witch Trials began in the year 1692 and concluded in 1693, in the colony of Salem, Massachusetts. The start of the trials began in the aftermath of King William’s War when refugees were funneled down into Salem creating a strain on the people and the economy in the town. This helped to spread the belief that all of the problems they were facing was the work of the devil. The Reverend Parris used the church of Salem
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