The Core Value Of Social Work

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When people think of the social work the first thought that comes to mind are the individuals who take children from their homes, but that is not the core focus of this profession. Social work focuses on helping individuals, families, groups, and even communities improve their overall well-being. It also benefits those individuals to develop skills and tools to resolve problems in their personal lives or in the environment around them. In order to aid those individuals develop these skills and tools, the social worker must incorporate the six core values. Helping people who are in need and addressing social problems are the primary goals of a social worker and represents the core value of service. Another core value of social work is social justice. For this value, social workers challenge social injustices that are going on in the community. The areas of injustice that are primarily focused on are poverty, unemployment, and discriminations of the vulnerable and oppressed populations. While focusing on social justice, social workers must respect the dignity and worth of the person. Social workers must treat persons in a respectful and caring manner. They must be mindful of that person’s culture, socioeconomic status, and background differences. They want the person they are assisting to know they are there to help and not offend them. This is when human relationships come into play. It is ideal to build a relationship with that person and understand that others around can
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