The Corporate American Model Of Capitalism

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Capitalism is good. In reading the articles, it seems scholars are either pro or anti-capitalism. The corporate American model of capitalism is built upon free enterprise and encourages competition. It’s also called the Liberal/Social Democratic model. Our economy, supposedly, encourages and rewards competition and equality. Yet the lack of competition and equality in our economy are issues scholars take aim at the most. George (2013) wrote in his editorial, “In the United States, income inequality has escalated since the 1970s while millions of workers and their families are suffering the devastation of long-term unemployment or work that is insecure and unstable….That is, the tenets of American corporate capitalism (ACC) might be in contradiction to compassionate organizing. ACC is an ideology that emphasizes, among other things, the pursuit of self-interest, competition, market exchange, consumerism, and using a profit/loss criterion to make decisions in organizations (George, J. 2013).” I’m pro-capitalism and I understand the views of those who are anti-capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system which allows private and corporate ownership of capital goods; investments that are controlled and determined by privately owned entities; pricing, production and distribution of goods in a competitive free market. Adam Smith is considered the Father of Capitalism and he described capitalism as a system with an invisible hand that would maintain the markets without government

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