Essay on The Correct Role Models to Go to University

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Wes looked up to Tony as his role model. Tony was like the only man figure in his life plus Tony was his older brother. The other Wes’ life decisions that were influence by Tony are beside We getting into the drug game, but also Wes having kids at an early age and getting out of the drug game then returning back to it. In reality Wes probably did the things his brother did was because he wanted his brother, his role model to be proud of him and to follow his brother’s footsteps. The importance of role models is having someone or people that we think has a successful life or that we feel that is going down the right path help motivate us to go down the right path and to teach us how to handle situations in a good manner. They also …show more content…

I know to make more money you have to put in money.
Among having Mary Moore’s Pell Grant eliminated, and being a unit Secretary at Bay view Medical Center making only $6.50 per hour wasn’t enough for Mary to financially support her education at college, take care of her kids and make household bills. So she didn’t continue her education. I can somewhat relate to Mary Moore’s situation. I feel like if I had kids I don’t think I will have enough will power to not only go to college, pay my household bills and then also have money and time for my kids, so I would also sacrifice my dream of finishing college. I can further relate to her when it comes to paying for college. At the end of my sophomore fall semester I must find a way to pay for college then and on if I want to finish my whole four years here at Wright State. Hopefully if I come up with a brilliant plan to prevent me from not finishing college. Right now I’m trying not to think so far ahead of myself, because I know I will stress over it and I wouldn’t be able to think right if so.
Conversely, your future is something that you should want to try to be ahead of if possible. I think the drawbacks of not having long-term goals and plans to achieve them are that you wouldn’t know what is ahead of you for your future and it is always significant that you know what

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