The Correctional System

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Corrections is defined as “a governmental agency tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the incarceration of persons convicted of crimes within a particular jurisdiction”. From my understanding this means that the correctional branch is tasked with administering and enforcing the punishments given to the offenders. But like most systems in the United States, the correctional branch had to be updated and improved to follow the laws and ways of the modern world.

Corrections can be traced back to the European system when the American colonies were ruled by Great Britain. Common law back then was a set of rules made to help solve problems in society that were based off of decisions made by past judges. Most punishment options during this …show more content…

Today the correctional system is designed to keep the people safe by separating the innocent from those who have committed dangerous or common crimes. Like the Europeans we believed in punishing those who have done wrong. Today there is a variety of punishments that range from probation to death but this is all determined by the severity of the crime and its outcome. Punishment works as a means of ensuring that the offender pays some sort of price for the crime or crimes they have committed. They also serve as a way to keep an individual from a life of crime. For example, if a teenage boy steals from a store and is caught he must serve some time based off of the amount stolen or based on the items he stole. Time in jail can and will change a person whether it be by the hostile environment you are surrounded by, the diversity of the crimes people have committed to be placed there. etc. This could scare the boy and steer him away from a possible life of …show more content…

One of the forms is Parole which is a commonly used form of rehabilitation around the world. This form is used as a way of helping offenders adjust to society and their way of living. In exchange for good behavior the offender is allowed to make a transition from incarceration to freedom During parole the offender is released before his/her scheduled release and has to complete certain tasks in exchange for the time they no longer have to serve. Some of these tasks include: finding a job, refraining from drug and alcohol use, and refraining from speaking or attempting to make contact with the parolees victim or victims. They are also required to check in with their supervisor to ensure they are following the terms and conditions that came with the offender's parole

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