The Cositive And Cons And Positive Effects Of Social Media

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“The Social Media Effects”

Today we are talking about of social media effects. Social media is a virtual world where we can participate directly and internationally. Every person must have and often use social media, social media can be whatsapp, instagram, line, path, facebook, blackberry message, wechat, Friendster etc. the effect of social media can be pro and con for the people. Here are the negative and positive effects of social media in today. First we will discuss of negative social media. Antisocial is effects from media social, where the people not respect with its surroundings and he has his own world. His always selfies, his not want to join with other people and create new world for himself. The second effect of negative is cybercrime. Social media has a lot contents and now in social media very often appear adds negative contents, porn, gambling, fraud, etc, is always there in social media. Cybercrime is very dangerous for child’s, as an example for kids which always playing social media he looks anything in social media and the from of effects negative social media. …show more content…

In daily life social media able to make other people to be a friendly and care with all people in the surroundings. Today is a lots of applications social media make we us get to know other people in the world. In social media we find a new friend and we can communication with other people in social media. Social media is always update with the new technology to make be easy to communication with other people. Social media has positive effects in daily life, with social media we find and make a new job online shop, service providers, vlogger, blogger, etc is a job in social media. This job make we can supplement additional income. Today there are so many people just work in social media, because social media is one of them for job which has no risk big

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