The Stages Of Socialisation

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Ever thought about what life would be like if there wasn’t any socialising? Have you ever thought about the effects that socialising has on our lifestyles? Think of a world without WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat… Good morning Mrs Lamplough and class. Socialisation is a process in which a person goes through, where they learn about the culture, belief and values, in order to survive in society. There are two levels of socialising, the first level is known as primary socialisation. Parents, siblings and carers play an important role in this stage of socialisation. Their influence involves speech, values and beliefs. Primary socialisation is probably the most important level of socialisation as at this stage the child will learn …show more content…

Texting does not allow emotions to be conveyed, although texting does allow a response to be thought about before replying, this does not occur in face-to-face interactions, as the response is needed straight away. Speaking to people via texting also does not allow you to see the affect your words have on the other person. In this way social media has affected our lifestyles in a huge way. Young people are unable to make proper conversations in face-to-face situations, or they talk in person, just like they talk over the phone. This can affect your career, as you will not be able to get a job, because no one will hire someone who does not speak proper English, or knows how to hold a conversation. Social media has a positive effect on our lifestyle. For example Google enables quick and easy searches for jobs. Requirements needed are listed, which are easily readable and can save time, by eliminating countless interviews, which you are not qualified enough for. Interviews can be done over platforms such as Skype, which enables people to be interviewed by employers across the

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