The Cosmic Address

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Task 1
Our Cosmic Address
Earth – A planet which contains all of the human race and is the only known planet with life on so far. Usually accompanied by the moon with an earth-moon system. It is the 3rd planet from the sun which makes the temperature right for us.

(, 2016)
The Solar System – Contains all planets which are within our solar system, hundreds of thousands of asteroids and uncountable smaller bits. Our solar system contains mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We have only explored minimal amounts of mars using rovers.

(, 2016)

Milky Way – Contains …show more content…

The sun is an incredible 2 million degrees Celsius and can reach 15 million in the core. The Sun has a very strong magnetic field. Solar flares occur when magnetic energy is released by the Sun during magnetic storms, which we see as sunspots. In sunspots, the magnetic lines are twisted and they spin, much like a tornado would on Earth. (sun facts, 2012)
How the sun began
Gravity drew dust and gas together to create the solar system. The sun formed first from the material closely by the planets. Waves of energy traveling through space pressed clouds of such particles closer together, and gravity causes them to collapse in on themselves. As the material drew together, gravity caused it to spin. The spin caused the cloud to flatten into a disk like a pancake. In the centre, the material clumped together to form a protostar that would eventually become the sun. The protostar was a ball of hydrogen and helium not yet powered by fusion. Over the course of 50 million years, the temperature and pressure of the material inside increased, jumpstarting the fusion of hydrogen that drives the sun today. (Credit, 2016)
The suns fusion and the atmosphere
The sun is made of 72% hydrogen, 26% helium and traces of oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and silicon. The high amounts of

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