The Cost And Growth Of Wellness Programs

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The healthcare system is a system which allows for fiscal security and health care to all citizens. This well- thought of attemption to improve society sounds very good, and overall has been proven to help people. This system has also created several problems for the United States government. There have been thousands of cases of fraud and abuse to the system along with the increasing of massive debt, rising of taxes, and lack of motivation amongst the people. Currently in America has been using the wellness programs as a way to help and provide for those who cannot for themselves, but now healthcare costs are overtaking our economy in many different ways. The cost and growth of wellness programs across the nation have defiantly risen…show more content…
Throughout the years government healthcare programs have been faced with people trying and sometimes succeeding in scamming the system. Even doctors and nurses have mistreated the system for their own personal power. Some doctors tend to persuade and sell their patients into buying motorized wheelchairs that they do not need to be buying. These doctors receive kickbacks from the companies that sell these wheelchairs. A 2008 report by Senate investigators that they examined were fraudulent. (Edwards and DeHaven, 2) The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that there are seven-teen billion dollars of improper Medicare payments each year that are fraudulent and pays over to healthcare providers, such as doctors. This means that doctors are getting bigger pay checks by selling fraudulent equipment, medicines, and medical treatments and procures to their naive patients. The GAO puts the cost of Medicaid payments at thirty-three billion dollars of 10.5% on the programs spending. All the fraudulent claims and scams being brought amongst the programs can result for tax payers into paying sixty-three billion dollars. This proves that America’s economy cannot afford to charge their tax payers any higher, or spend any more money on these programs. The federal crimes of fraud and abuse have also increased against the government sponsored healthcare programs. In an article written by Abraham David Benavides and David
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