The Cost And Growth Of Wellness Programs

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The healthcare system is a system which allows for fiscal security and health care to all citizens. This well- thought of attemption to improve society sounds very good, and overall has been proven to help people. This system has also created several problems for the United States government. There have been thousands of cases of fraud and abuse to the system along with the increasing of massive debt, rising of taxes, and lack of motivation amongst the people. Currently in America has been using the wellness programs as a way to help and provide for those who cannot for themselves, but now healthcare costs are overtaking our economy in many different ways. The cost and growth of wellness programs across the nation have defiantly risen over the years. Medicare and Medicaid make up twenty-three percent of federal spending and there wellness organizations cost have been rising much faster than America’s economy. The average cost to start and organization is about $1,755,250 (“Debt Deal” 13) Therefore it is proven that the economy cannot keep up with all of the spending and needs that comes with providing for these programs. This means that there will be higher taxes for tax payers. United States healthcare spending has increased, reaching four trillion dollars by 2015, twenty percent in Gross Domestic Product (Benavides and Haillilee 222). This process helps enforce limited medical spending and only allowing certain medicines and medical procedures based on the program you are…
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