The Cost Of Health Care

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The Cost of Health Care
The nation health care system is facing significant challenges that requiring immediate major reforms. Lately close attention is drawn to the uninsured Americans, such as the most painful dilemmas of health care system. The problem of uninsured and uncompensated care continues significantly contribute to the rise of the health care cost and has been a chief topic for public debates and political campaigns for a long time. The purpose of this paper is to describe the current extent of uninsured care and provide the strategies from the nursing point of view how to change the trajectory of this prevalent issue in the USA health care system.

Uncompensated care in the U.S
Before the 1960s, the health care for people with low-income primarily was the responsibility of local governments, that “received support from the Hill-Burton hospital construction program contingent upon a responsibility to provide uncompensated charity care” (Warner, D., 2011). Medicare, Medicaid, community health centers, migrant health centers all were delivering federals funding to the financing the patient care. Furthermore, “the nonprofit hospitals had an obligation to provide charity care as well” (Warner, D., 2011). However, the increase in immigration during 1970-1980s significantly increase demand for additional funding for uninsured population. Multiple new programs were implementing to accommodate the needs and provide adequate health care coverage for the population
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