The Cost of Prohibiting an Individual from Pursuing Their Own Good Life?

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Every individual has the right to their own good life, how they go about find and/or making it is up to them. However, there are certain individuals who feel the need to dictate the path that others choose to take. Like all actions, there are equal and opposite reactions, in this case, a consequence. As seen in Sophocles’ Antigone and Harold Brighthouse’s Hobson’s Choice, the consequence that Kreon and Henry face for prohibiting individuals’ pursuit of the good life is isolation from loved ones. Sophocles’ character Kreon faces the ultimate price of isolation for interfering in the pursuit of Antigone’s good life as depicted in the play Antigone. Antigone’s view of building the good life was to honor the Gods and what they wished upon the people. When Antigone’s two brothers die Kreon declares “a proclamation, not to honor him [Polynices] with funeral rites or wail for him”( Sophocles, line 203-204), this went against the views of the Gods. Antigone would rather go against Kreon’s word and please the Gods by preforming the burial rites for her brother, in pursuit of her own good life. However, Kreon does not let this act of disobedience slide, he sends her to a cave to “leave her there alone, deserted, whether she desires to die or to love entombed” (lines 887-888). This act of prohibiting Antigone from living her good life cost Kreon the price of the loved ones around him. After Antigone was locked away, she was found “hanging by her neck” (line 1221), she kills herself.
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