The Country Has Made Over Their Long Living History

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There are four international ports that connect the United States to Central America; Juarez is one of these important four. Juarez once known as Paso del Norte (pass of the north) lies on the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte). Juarez was founded in the 1600s and has since been in the top ten largest populated cities in the world. When people think of Juarez and other cities in Mexico, there are many stigmas held strongly against them. Nowadays, Mexico is perceived as a dangerous and horrible place to live. Of course certain assumptions and stereotypes have some validity with the drug cartel, murders, and high crime rates playing a part in their perception of the country. However, even with the devastation and crime there is beauty and importance that lies at the very roots of Mexico. In my paper I wish to express the many positive impacts the country has made over their long living history. Juarez has been a strong and thriving city with an interesting history of its people, agriculture and the economy. The history of Juarez starts in the sixteen-hundreds, specifically in sixteen-fifty-nine when it was known as Paso Del Norte. Spanish explorers sought out a route though the southern part of the Rocky Mountains. At the time there were Native Americans that had already been located in that area which made it perfect for explores to establish a community. The community had grown in importance with the Santa Fe and Chihuahua’s commerce passing through it. The…
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