The Country Is Truly Beautiful Essay

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Picturesque landscapes, indigenous people, Lord of the Rings, these are all things that come to mind when considering New Zealand. This country is truly beautiful. By ABC News Point, Select Today, and numerous others, New Zealand was ranked one of the top ten most beautiful countries in the world. It is an island located approximately 1400 miles southeast of Australia. It has a population of approximately four and a half million people and is growing exponentially. This country interested me because of its extreme beauty. I have never been interested in travelling much, but New Zealand has always intrigued me. They also seem to have economic success similar to the United States, and I was interested in seeing how they actually compare when looking at their unemployment rate and inflation. (Top 10; The Top 10)
The dairy market is substantial in New Zealand, even being referred to as the “backbone of the economy.” (Howard) Twenty-five percent of their exports are dairy, and they are known globally for being the largest dairy exporter, but the market does not always remain stable. Over the past several years, there has been an extreme fluctuation in the dairy market. There are a few factors that can greatly influence the demand for dairy products and their overall price and quantity (Howard; Patterson).
One of the most significant influences on the dairy market was the demand for powdered milk formula in China. China’s demand drove up the dairy market in many

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