The Course On The Perspectives Of Early Childhood And Elementary

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The course on the perspectives of early childhood and elementary education in a democracy helped me further understand how important item 6 from the Portrait of a Teacher is. Principles of democracy and communication are crucial in a classroom, to ensure that every student is treated equally. I had not realized how heteronormativity could affect elementary school students, until a classmate brought her experience to the attention of our class. Usually papers that get sent home to parents/guardians say things such as “mother and father”, but not every student will live in a household like this. There are students living in LGBTQ households, who may have two mothers or two fathers. My classmate shared that her daughter’s teacher sent a paper …show more content…

Students with no mother can make their cards out to an important female figure, such as a grandmother, aunt, cousin, or sister. Similarly, the card can be given to their father, if they live in a single-father household. Now students with two fathers or two fathers, can make the card out to both parents. I saw a cartoon, that showed a student creating a card that said “Happy Mothers’ Day”, leading the teacher to point out that it should be the singular, “Mother’s”. However, the student said she knew how to spell and clarified that she had two mothers, and therefore was making the card plural for both her mothers to receive it. Every student is different, so a teacher should ensure that every student feels included. In order to foster a classroom climate that promotes democracy, active student participation should be encouraged. In elementary school, I had the same science teacher two years in a row. I did not enjoy this class at all, and did not do well on tests or quizzes. The classroom was not democratic at all; student participation was not encouraged and not every student was treated equally. At least once every class period, a student was being yelled at. I could be in another classroom, and still hear the teacher yelling at students. I was always scared about the fact that I could possibly be the next student to get yelled at. The smallest things would lead to someone being yelled at. During the first day of class, a student got

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