The Course of Human Events

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David McCullough is an award winning author, historian and has even had his hand in television and movies. Unlike most historians of the day, when he conducts research he emerges himself as if he were the subject himself. Subsequently, his methods have created a very successful writing career since the late 1960s. In short, nearly all of his works have been praised by the public and two of his major works, biographies of John Adams and Harry Truman earned a Pulitzer, two National Book Awards along with two Francis Park Prizes. One of his works, The Course of Human Events, was a lecture he wrote when he achieved the honor of speaking at the Jefferson Lecture. In sum, the work details of the importance of history and education. After an introduction about the honor it is to be presenting at the Jefferson Lecture, McCullough first shifts his attention to the darkest memory he possesses. He recalls when Hitler’s seemingly unstoppable army had basically reached the coast of America and the havoc it reeked on the people. Proceeding a short, but important excerpt dealing with power of human hope or spirit; the focus is shifted to Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence. Ironically, McCullough explains, the popular painting seen by virtually every American never even occurred. Next, the work focuses directly on the main idea and theme of how powerful, influential and vital education is. McCullough begins by going in-depth with a few of the founding fathers and discusses their

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