The Politics of Massachusetts throughout the Ages Essay

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The Politics of Massachusetts

The Constitution Drafted in 1779, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the oldest functioning written constitution in the world. Drafted by none other than John and Samuel Adams, along with John Bowdoin, it served as a model for our own nation's Constitution. It features a structure, composed of chapters, sections and articles, vastly more organized than any other state constitution of its time. Within this document, rights of the citizens, and the framework of the states' government is outlined. While it has changed over the years, it manages to paint a picture of the inner workings of Massachusetts politics. Some remarkable features in Massachusetts' Constitution are ideas which were …show more content…

Outlining the powers of the President of the institution to improve education, as well as calling attention to the importance of literature. These key features would lead to Massachusetts becoming one of the forefronts of education in the world. The executive branch, as outlined in the Constitution, is composed of a Governor, a Lt. Governor, as well as numerous councilors from amongst the state. The governor is the only person allowed to suspend the laws, and must review every bill and law before it is passed. He, or she, is the Commander in Chief of the militia, and appoints all judicial officers. However, these powers are limited, as the legislative body may supersede the power of the governor with a 2/3 majority vote in both houses. Furthermore, the other members of the Executive branch are elected separately, unlike many of the governors of the country, the Lieutenant Governor, as well as the councilors, Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissary, are elected into office, and keep the governor in check. This limits the power of the governor greatly, primarily only allowing the governor to "recommend" budget plans, and guide the General Court in his own direction. The governor may reduce items or parts of items in bills appropriating money, with reason provided, but is mostly at the mercy of the councilors. The legislature of the Commonwealth, is bicameral, much like our Congress, it is composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives. The Senate, made up of 40

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