The Cover Makes Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin Essay

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is a cliché that has been heard throughout society for years. However, when many look at a novel it can either make or break the idea of reading it. The cover is able to express to the reader the content of the book and some of the storyline, giving the reader a glimpse into the books plotline. In Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey published by Marvel comics in 2012 this is exactly the case. The main character, Catherine, is placed front and center looking forward towards the reader with a large building behind her. As we will see the cover of Northanger Abbey give the reader a sense of mystery revolving around Catherine.
Looking at the cover of Northanger Abbey, the main focal point is that of the main …show more content…

The background is a large building, presumably Northanger Abbey, which rises out of the fog and into full detail. On this cover, there are only two things which are not blurred or fogged and that is Catherine and Northanger Abbey. This clarity that is shared between the building and Catherine shifts the mystery from Catherine to the mysterious Northanger Abbey. However, the placement and thickness of the fog is greater surrounding the mind of Catherine implying that the mystery of Northanger abbey a part of her imagination rather than a real mystery. The similarities in clarity are able to represent multiple things. The main idea this clarity represents is the mindset of Catherine. This mindset is extremely important as it shows that she is only able to see herself within the walls of the Abbey and past that life is unclear; within these walls she is able to have a clear mind. Surrounding the Abbey are other buildings which are also fogged, this lack of fog around Northanger Abbey is able to create a mystery as to why this Abbey is so important to Catherine. As the building heightens the fog slowly dissipates exemplifying that the mystery slowly disappears the further one gets involved with the Abbey.
Contributing to the cover is that of the textual elements: the title Northanger Abbey and “Mysteries of”. Together these two elements are able to tell the reader that there are mysteries surrounding the Abbey as well as those who inhabit the Abbey all focusing

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