The Crime Rate And Police Brutality Rate

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The crime rate and police brutality rate has increased in America in the recent years. A new law is flooding controversy across all 50 states. Should a police officer wear a body camera while on active duty? While many may argue that it is against privacy, I believe that wearing such cameras will lessen such police brutality claims, ensure truth in court scenarios, and protect both the officer and the civilian. The following is an example of a situation. A police officer who is out on patrol sees a pedestrian acting very suspicious. Even with calling back up to handle the situation, it goes out of control and the civilian attacks the police officer. The officers try to control the civilian, then he is eventually arrested. By the time the case goes to court, the man changes his story and says the officers attacked him. With body cameras on police officers to capture the situation, it can ensure the truth in the situation. Police stations in all the states should agree on letting officers to wear a recording system or body cameras that are the size of a cigarette stick that can be attached to helmets, hats or even the collars on their uniforms. It keeps track of the evidence at the scene, always surveys the actions of the officer and it would enhance the trust of the public.

“So instead of relying on somebody else’s partial picture of what occurred, why not have your own?” says William A. Farrar, chief of the California Rialto police (Message From The Chief). A badge and a

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