The Criminal Justice System Created Policies For Sex Offenders

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According to Finkelhor (2009) the Criminal Justice system created policies for sex offender registration that notified the community of their presence, required background checks for jobs, controlled where the sex offender lives, and long sentences for sex crimes against minors. When sex offenders get released from prison the law now requires them to register with local law enforcement. This law makes it harder for the sex offenders to reintegrate into the community making it harder for any sex offender to reoffend. After registration laws were implemented in 1990, one conditional finding showed an increase in deterrence effects, and in Washington State the registration laws showed lower recidivism rates among offenders who were compliant …show more content…

Community protection is also an effective way to prevent minors from being victims of a sex crime. First the community will learn of any sex offender who is living in their community due to registration and notification laws, then the community must tell their children about potential dangerous situations and ways to prevent it. The second way to prevent sex offending in the communities are to motivate bystanders to detect dangerous situations and try and prevent them from happening (Finkelhor, 2009). Laws and policies are a great way to prevent sex crimes, but the prevention should start in homes and at schools. Sex offending can occur a lot of places for example, in schools, at friends houses, but a lot of sex crimes occur through internet solicitation today. According to Mitchell, Wolak, and Finkelhor (2005) found that each year approximately one in five minors receive sexual solicitation from people they talk to online whether it be via chatrooms, or instant messages. Internet solicitation is so popular amongst sex offenders because it gives them anonymity to commit their crimes. This gives law enforcement a chance to proactive in investigating sex crimes that they could previously not, and could allow law enforcement to detect sex offenders before the actual victimization (Mitchell, Wolak, Finkelhor, 2005). There are two types of investigations law enforcement can

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