The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The public policy I have selected is criminal justice. The criminal Justice system is a compilation of federal, state or local agencies that concern issues dealing with crime. This public policy is provided by the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government. The task of the criminal justice system is to figure out the truth, defend the innocent and even to make the guilty parties punishment not as harsh as it is originally said to be (cliffnots). And most of to provide justice. In criminal justice the federal government is the communicator in information sharing, technology, holding criminal records and history etc. The criminal justice system holds trials on cases. Most cases are dealt with outside of court. If a case is significant enough and is approved then it goes to the state court. Most cases do not pass the state court but if someone objects to the state court’s decision, then the case may go to the federal court. Another way a case is able to be held at the federal court is if the case involves two different states and involves over $70,000. According to crash course, there are four different scenarios in which the federal courts have original jurisdiction (case goes directly to federal court without the interaction of state or local courts). In all of these scenarios the cases must be brought in a original district court. The first scenario is in cases where the law at issue is a federal law. The second scenario is when the case involves a treaty or

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