The Criticism Of Mary Grace

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Outline 1. Introduction a. Main Idea: Although the Mary Grace appears surly and contentious throughout the story, it is revealed she was on a heavenly mission to challenge Ruby Turpin’s provincialism in order to save her. b. Thesis: Through Mary Grace’s name, the portrayal of God in her eyes, and actions, O’Connor illustrates her belief that one must strip away their false persona in order to become a genuine Christian person. 2. Body BP 1: Mary Grace’s name is significant because she is the only person given a name in the waiting room and it symbolizes the grace received through the revelation. a. The name indicates her role as the symbol of grace in the story, combining the word “grace” with the holy name Mary, a later…show more content…
Turpin’s ignorance. Mary Grace opens her eyes to the world while Mrs. Turpin looks at the world narrowly. b. As Mrs. Turpin speaks to Mary Grace’s mother, Mrs. Turpin feels Mary Grace’s “peculiar eyes” staring at her, judging her imperfections (478). Both Mary Grace and Mrs. Turpin use their eyes to judge; however, Mrs. Turpin judges unfairly while Mary Grace judges based on the truth. c. Mary Grace has violent eyes that seem "alternately to smolder and to blaze." d. When Mary Grace slams the book shut and looks straight in front of her, directly through Mrs. Turpin, her eyes “seemed lit all of a sudden with peculiar light, an unnatural light like night road signs give” (477). e. As Mrs. Turpin thinks about the uselessness of helping people like the white-trash woman, Mary Grace's "eyes fixed like two drills” on her and that there was “something urgent behind them" (480). f. Immediately preceding the revelation, however, Mary Grace’s "eyes... seemed a much lighter blue than before, as if a door that had been tightly closed behind them was now open to admit light and air" (482). BP 3: O’Connor uses symbolism through the book, ironically called Human Development, Mary Grace attacks Mrs. Turpin with. a. Whatever the topic of the book, it influences Mary Grace to challenge Mrs. Turpin’s provincialism and shake her out of her attachment to the outdated social orders of the South. The reader already knows that Mrs. Turpin
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