The Critter Sitter Pet Sitting Service

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The Critter Sitter Pet Sitting Service
Since I was a young girl, I have always loved animals. Throughout my life, I have had many animals, ranging from domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, to farm animals, such as horses and chickens. After the birth of my first child, I dreamt of employment in which I could work flexible hours from home allowing me to stay home with my baby. This dream led me to explore the option of opening my own business. Owning my own business would give me the flexibility that I needed to stay at home, while still providing me with reasonable compensation. After contemplating many different business ventures, I decided what better business to operate then one which would provide me with not only …show more content…

I decided to work with pet owners which had any type of pet. This decision would give me a competitive advantage in the market, as most pet sitting services only offer service to domestic pet owners. My experience with pets of many different types would give the pet owners the confidence in my ability to care for their beloved animals with the same care and concern that they themselves would care for them. Although I would love to care for animals all over, I would be operating my business as the sole employee; therefore, I had to make the decision to only offer my services local to my residence. I decided that to start, a good distance would be any residence within 20 miles of my residence. I also decided that I would charge a lower price for pet owners located within 10 miles of my residence. I believe this would provide me with enough pet owners to sustain my business, while keeping the business manageable as the sole employee. I would like to, in the future, expand my business to include multiple employees, however, this would not be feasible upon my startup. After deciding the location I was going to operate my business, I began to research my competition. This research allowed me to ascertain how many other pet sitting services were offered in the area, as well as the prices that these businesses charged for their services. As can be seen on the below map, my research uncovered that there were 12 pet sitting services in the Port St Lucie, FL area.

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