The Crucible And Abigail Williams Character Analysis

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A town full of corruption that was seeking for answers, found none in the beds of “bewitched” children. Many innocent people died for being falsely accused of witchcraft during these times. The people of Salem were quickly losing their trust in the people around them that they had the most trust in. They were quick to judge without thinking anything of it. The Crucible, is by Arthur Miller, and describes an incident including the Salem Witch Trials. In the play, The Crucible, there was a secret forbidden romance between John Proctor and Abigail Williams. These characters both had their ups and downs in the play and showed some of their more dominant characteristics. John and Abigail showed these characteristics: kindness/vindictiveness, truthfulness/lying, and courage/ fear. John Proctor, the husband of Elizabeth Proctor, gets caught up with the well known Abigail Williams. The lechery that goes on between them does not show his best side, but John overcomes whatever hold Abigail had on him (Miller 22). John makes a direct threat to Abigail warning her that she must think awhile on what she is going to say to save herself. John states, “I come to tell you, Abby, what I will do tomorrow in the court. I would not take you by surprise, but give you all good time to think on what to do to save yourself” (Miller 110). This is only one of the ways John shows kindness in The Crucible. Abigail does not understand the fact that John has a wife, who he loves, that he would rather

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