The Crucible Character Analysis

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In the story The Crucible there were lots of characters who demonstrated concernment for their very own reputation. Therefore, in The Crucible there took place many moments in which the characters had to lie, fight, or do whatever it took not only to save their innocence but to save their prestige towards the people. Although the characters battled on to maintain their reputation as reputable their acts caused them to affect a various amount of others along the way. However, some characters that I believe really appraised to preserve their reputation were John Proctor, Mary Warren, and Abigail Williams. With that being said, John Proctor is concerned with his reputation as he lies about committing adultery to not appear as a bad person. Therefore, by saving his reputation it causes him to turn into a dishonest person. John Proctor lies to his wife, Elizabeth Proctor and others by saying that he was never alone with Abigail Williams and saying he had no involvement what so ever with her as he says in Act 2, ¨ She told it to me in a room alone-I have no proof for it...For a moment, I say we were alone. The others come in soon after.¨ (Miller pg.53,54) However, in reality John Proctor was alone with Abigail the whole time and had an affair with her. Even though John Proctor lies about committing adultery to save his marriage and to appear as a good man , it been better for him to have spoken the truth. I think the truth is more important than his

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