The Crucible Essay

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For centuries, humans have utilized defense mechanisms to explain the unfortunate occurrences of humanity that we are incapable of conceiving through our narrow, defensive minds. Humans most commonly scapegoat their enemies, or the entirely innocent, for their internal issues as a means of coping for their insecurities or explaining the irrational or biased situations they find themselves in. Similarly, others cope just as easily by lying to themselves, which can establish a false reality in the mind of the self-deceiver and, ultimately, leads to fallacies in logic. Coherently, Arthur Miller utilizes his diverse cast of characters in his play write “The Crucible” to demonstrate the ease at which lying to one’s self can create false …show more content…

Elizabeth’s passive aggression constitutes Danforth’s denial, therefore demonstrating human hypocrisy. Judge Danforth, a theocratic representative of God, similar to Proctor, recognizes he is at fault for the fate of many innocent people. However, being a representative of God and giving arrested so many, Danforth concludes that he cannot be wrong, despite his knowledge that the children are lying, which unmistakably proves his denial. During Act III, in the courthouse, Danforth tells Proctor, “Indeed not, but it strike hard upon me that she would dare come here with such a tale. Now, Mr. Proctor, before I decide whether I shall hear you or not, it is my duty to tell you this. We burn a hot fire in here; it melts down all concealment” (Miller 89). In addition to the quote being a metaphorical reference to a literal crucible, which melts ores until they become pure and exposed metals, free of impurities, Danforth’s quote simultaneously suggests his inability to conceive the concept that the children are fake, a truth revealed to him after his sentencing of many innocent people with no evidence. Danforth, unable to decide between attempting to maintain his personal ethos or pardoning those he knows are innocent, demonstrates his denial. However, Danforth, being well aware of his mistake, is prevented by

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