The Crucible Flight Analysis

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Fight or Flight: The Psychology of Fear “Ultimately, no good can come from this type of decision-making. Fear prompts retreat. It is the antipode to progress. Just when we need new ideas most, everyone is seized up in fear, trying to prevent losing what we have left” (Berns). Fear can be defined as a biochemical, emotional, and physical response to something negative or thrill situation. Most individuals have a negative reaction to fear causing them to obtain the physical response of “fight or flight” in face of fear or avoiding anything that causes fear altogether. The characters in The Crucible all reacted to the witch trials differently and that most likely was because of how afraid they were of the accusations. If someone was more fearful of the possibility that some people were witches then they were more likely to want them in jail or hung opposed to if they were not that fearful. The research question that is being explored in this essay is “What role does fear play in individuals’ decision making in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible?” Fear can have a huge role in an individual's decision making process. Many people make different decisions when they are afraid or scared of something than they normally would. In the article Fear: The Highly Potent Effect Fear Has on Decision Making, the author states, “When you are overcome with fear or panic and have to make a decision, one of two things happen: You’re frozen by your fear, so you cannot think or act rationally you react

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