The Crucible Reputation Essay

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‘’The Crucible’’ is a play by Arthur Miller which takes place in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials. In the play, the people strongly believed in witchcraft and their personal grudges would serve as an excuse to accuse others of witchcraft. The characters were very selfish, they didn’t only accuse their peers because of revenge but also because they want their land and money. Since the people of Salem wanted vengeance all people living in Salem were very protective of their reputation. As a result, many characters went to great lengths to protect their reputation.
Reverend Parris, the minister of Salem, often went to extremes to keep up his reputation among everyone. Parris found his niece Abigail and his daughter Betty
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If the girl’s a saint now, I think it is not easy to prove she’s fraud, and the town gone so silly. She told it to me in a room alone-I have no proof for it’’ (Miller 51). Proctor was afraid to tell the court the truth about witchcraft because he didn’t want to admit he had an affair with Abigail. Despite that John confessed to the court that Abigail admitted to him that witchcraft was not true. Shortly afterwards, he was accused of witchcraft. In Salem, the court forced the people to admit they’re a witch otherwise they would be hanged John yelled, ‘’And why not, if they must hang for denyin’ it? There are them that will swear to anything before they’ll hang; have you never thought of that?” Mr. Proctor argued that people aren’t really witches it’s all lies they lie and say they are a witch because they don’t want to be hanged. John Proctor didn’t want to be killed either but he also didn’t want to give up his reputation and say he is a witch. The court asked him to sign a paper which said he was a witch. Proctor was willing to do it until they told him that they will hang up the signed document on the door of the church. When John heard that he cried, “I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me
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