The Culture Of American Culture

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American culture is portrayed as that of every other countries traditions, rituals, and cultures. As Americans, do we know our culture to be as anything other than that of a melting pot? That being said, is it ok to say for us to say,”I can take your culture because it’s meant to be shared anyway." Most of us have lived here our entire lives and it’s what we have grown accustomed to. Can we speak on anyone else’s behalf? I can. Even though I am American by birth, my blood is Mexican. I may not face the same hardships in this country to the extent of that of someone who is of Middle Eastern decent such as my land and oil being drained, or my people being racially abused and frowned upon so negatively, especially in air ports. I hate "Cinco de mayo," and unfortunately for minorities, culture and everything else in the U.S. is controlled and ruled by a system that caters only to the white.
A culture inherited by the any nation must “meet the actual needs of [its] communities.” Communities must also respect the expectations and aspirations set directly by indigenous people in order to prevent the misappropriation and misuse of traditional and cultural expressions. (T.P.T.C.E) The same way I cite and give credit to my sources on the essay I am writing, should be applied directly and effectively the same way to other peoples traditions that fit accordingly. White people must also acknowledge the fact that there is an ever present, “rite of passage,” for them, in other words and…
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