The Culture Of The Mexican Culture

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The world around us is surrounded by many diverse cultural groups. Each culture is unique and systematically made different, and cultures have their own beliefs and ways of life. Many cultures have their own language, values, set their own rules, and mores. Each culture has a group of people with the same beliefs, and they join organizations and institutions. Each culture is distinguishable from one another because each has different customs and beliefs. Although I was born in Mexico and brought to the United States at 6 months, I grew up in a Mexican culture. The Korowai and Mursi are cultures that have their own set of beliefs and values. In some instances family members have different cultures because they either move away or become separated. My culture is the Mexican culture. My family and I follow the traditions and even superstitions that have been passed on from generation to generation. I believe in my Mexican culture because it is all I know and have been taught ever since I was born. I was raised in this culture and plan on raising my family with the same beliefs and values. The language we speak at home is Spanish especially to the elderly. Our religion is catholic and most of our culture is centered on religion and church. We spend our Sundays at church, and we spend the afternoon as a family. The values I grew up are quite simple. We have high respect for our parents and elders. Usually the family is a large family with four or more children and

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