The Current Labour Market On The Uk Economy Essay

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The occurrence of Brexit in the UK economy is already having an effect on the Job market. This is mainly due to uncertainty caused by the UK’s volatile political situation and no full direction by the Brexit campaigners on how the UK’s economy can move forward. The UK job market had not fully recovered from the effects of the recession and added with this uncertainty from leaving the EU, employers aren’t willing to employ workers on a permanent basis as they do not know the long term cost. Therefore, the unemployment rate in the UK is rising but not as drastic in comparison to the financial crisis of 2009. In this essay, I am going to analyse the current labour market in the UK looking at indicators such as; wages, regions, gender and so on with the focus on the Banking and Finance Sector. I will also comment on the specific job role of an Actuarial consultant as this work role involves providing well-informed advice and understanding of mathematics and statistics to make long-term financial forecasts which ironically would be very useful for the UK’s current economic climate. Actuaries help in the decision making processes of private firms and governments as they give clear indicators on what and how financial decisions should be made from the calculations they make and then explain the information calculated in a way that is easily understood. A knowledge of the current situation of this job sector is of high importance as firstly, it’s a field of work that I am
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