The Current Water Usage Of The Refugee Settlement

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The Zambian Refugee Settlement in Mayukwayukwa, which established by the United Nations in 1966, currently has no system for harvesting rain water or for storing water in bulk. Zambia has a monsoonal climate thus it receives all of its rain water in one small section of the year and is dry and arid for the rest. This review will focus specifically on the water usage of the refugee settlement. This area of research will prove to be invaluable for the specifications of the water harvesting and bulk storage system as it will be the basis for which the required volumes of water are calculated. The development of the Mayukwayukwa settlement will be stunted if they do not have access to sufficient amounts of water for the refugees who live there or for the crops and animals.
The objectives of this paper are to assess the current water usage of the Mayukwayukwa Refugee Settlement and to predict what the minimum volume is that will meet their basic requirements. The questions that I intend to answer are:
- What is the current water usage of the refugee settlement in Mayukwayukwa?
- What is the minimum volume that will meet the basic requirements of the people in the refugee settlement?

An accurate data set of water usage of the Refugee Settlement in Mayukwayukwa is impossible to find as there have been no previous attempts to measure it for any reason.
The total water usage of the Mayukwayukwa Refugee Settlement is 64,240,000 Litres/Year. This total can be…
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