Alex Wiley. Geo1110 Geology. Mrs. Ma. 2 February 2017 .

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Alex Wiley
GEO1110 Geology
Mrs. Ma
2 February 2017
Future Water Supply The water supply on earth plays a huge role in daily lives. You need to have clean water to drink, do laundry and water your garden. Since water is necessary, the future water supply is very important for future generations. They will need clean water to use daily. Society can not let the water become so polluted and unsanitary that future generations can not use it for their daily needs. Water supply is affected by humans and the area surrounding the water.
The water supply now and in the future affects the population in many ways. According to “Water in 2050”, the water supply is the determining factor of how large the population may grow. In some areas lack of …show more content…

According to “Implications of Growth”, in many parts of the world natural water sources are already pushed to and past their limits. The human population greatly relies on water, therefore, it is essential and necessary to the future population growth in the entire world.
Even if the future water supply still contains a significant amount of water, it will most likely be unsuitable to support human growth and expansion. According to Pickens, if we keep using natural underground water at such a quick rate, it will take much longer to remake then it took to use the amount of water in the first place. Even if there is still enough water, it will not be suitable for human needs (Pickens). Water will only continue to run out at a quicker pace then it will renew. Pickens says, water is the new oil. This basically means compromises had to be made and new methods had to be made in order to preserve and keep the oil supply plenished. This now means that compromises will need to be made to conserve and keep the sanitary water supply plenished. There are many ways to protect the future water supply and help the growth of the human population in both urban and rural areas.
Some areas of the world are already considered water stressed. In areas that are water stressed, the amount of sustainable water is running low. The people in these regions are in need of new and clean water to start being present. According to Roberts, “By 2050 more than half the world’s

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