The Curse Of The Poisoned Pretzel Analysis

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Family, a foundation to build an empire of a story from yet the easiest to tear down from guilt or the portrayal of guilt.The story depicts two very different siblings, one brother Manchester who is rich, successful, brawny, and has a knack for snacks. Widely different from Manchester is Skidmore due to the fact he is a sad, and creepy individual. Also he does not have a knack for snacks or sweets. Two divergent individuals, yet one unable to function without the help of the other. Now the story would not be complete without one brother becoming completely jealous and despising the other. Commonly this leads to several things such as arguing, fighting, or to better put it, leads to betrayal. Betrayal, a common theme among siblings, say one …show more content…

This statement raises suspicion, not to mention he died from eating that pretzel. How is one not supposed to instantly suspect the person who gave him the pretzel, of murder? An individual might think, "No wonder he choked on that pretzel, all that pocket lint and unsanitary packaging. Not to mention who knows how long he carried that thing around in his pocket!" A reader must think of all possibilities as to why Manchester suddenly died and, considering the information provided by the author, there really is no other explanation except Creepy Pretzel Giving Skidmore is the murderer. Further influencing scrutiny, the author attacks Skidmore, yet still never claiming he is guilty of murder. Now one must address the elephant in the room, the most obvious giveaway is more than likely the fact that after Manchester died, Skidmore is the one who inherits all of his fortunes. Suddenly Skidmore goes from poor and creepy, hiding in his brother's very large shadow; to suddenly a rich man and owner of World Champions. The author points out that after Manchester died Skidmore mentioned: "he felt terrible about the tragedy and would make his pretzels even doughier in the future." His brother just died, and Skidmore is more worried about improving his coat pretzel than the sudden death of his flesh and blood. Seems Skidmore

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